You read the data, you agree that white supremacy, racism, patriarchy, and an organization called New Day Pacifica have led to the KPFT Whitewash & BIPOC ERASURE. What' next?

There are several things you can do. Check out the list.

List of Actions

There are 6 Main Actions we can do. Here are the actions and then scroll down for the steps.

1. Demand Reparations

We demand not only to be made whole but to be repaired and to exceed previous representation levels. 

2. If you made a contribution to KPFT before July 1st, fill out your nomination form.

There are several steps to it but I'll list them out. It's not hard and has an impact. 

3. Vote for Anti Racist & BIPOC Supporters.

Once you pledge your support, you can vote and even run for your local board. We'll show you how.

4. Share this site.

We created this site to get the word out; we put in a lot of time and effort and want to make sure everyone is aware of what's going on. 

5. Share on Social Media

We have an Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook page. Share those pages, the posts, the likes, and the stories to get the word out. 

6. Accountability

Hold those responsible accountable. Check the handles here and share our posts on their social media feeds.  Silence is complicity but their feeds are public. Hold them accountable. 

1 - We Demand Reparations

- We demand that all the shows that were removed be placed back; special preference shall be shown to shows dedicated to or led by BIPOC. 

- We demand at the very least that white representation be no more than the actual demographics in Houston.

- We demand that representation INCREASE for all BIPOC communities.
- We demand that the General Manager, KPFT Staff, KPFT Board members be investigated and held accountable for the actions, particularly into the fact that New Day Supporters overwhelming kept their shows. 

It's that simple.

This is our ultimatum and what we demand.

As proven in the summary, KPFT representation has been poor and is now worse.

So now all of our actions are geared towards these demands.

The next actions drive this action. Let's go.

2a. If you made a pledge before July 1st, you can vote!

- You can read below but basically to vote in local boards you have to be a member by June 30th, 2021.

The election process for this year began on June 1, with the opening of nominations for listener and staff delegates to the Local Station Board. Membership is still open -- if you have donated since July 1, 2020, or donate $25 up through June 30, 2021 (or perform three hours of supervised volunteer service for the station, including on the committees of the Local Station Board), you are qualified to vote in the election when it happens, and to run for the LSB or sign the nominating petitions for others.

2b. Sign up on the link to nominate and vote.

Nominations end on July 21st.

Check everyone's bio and nominate those who you feel best represent you. Click the link below.

3. In August, when elections start, vote for BIPOC and anti-racist advocates. 

- It's more than just not being racist.

We have to move forward and make these policies and start a framework that works to repair the damage that KPFT has created. That can only happen with candidates who actively push these policies.

4. Share this site.

- The point of this site is to make people aware of KPFT's Whitewash, the BIPOC Erasure, and hold these decision makers accountable.

. . . and just so that you are aware, this site makes no money, does not use ads, or contains no asks in the financial sense.  I don't even accept donations. If you feel so inclined, donate to the charity of your choice and use as the sponsor to increase the awareness.

5. Share & Follow our Social Media Acct's. Click the links below

We're posting updates. Share, tag, and follow; we're putting people on notice and tagging them and holding them accountable.

6. Accountability

- The reason we created the analysis, the website, and the social media handles, to hold people accountable.

We will be sending emails, post updates, and adding commentary regarding KPFT Board Members, KPFT Staff Members, and others on the KPFT Whitewash.

Those are the actions.
Let's get to work.

Contributions are in.

Nominations are up. Let's lock them in.

We're posting updates. Share, tag, and follow; we're putting people on notice and tagging them and holding them accountable.

Meetings are being held throughout Pacifica. If they silence our voices here, we will be heard elsewhere. You can click the link below and participate.