Why The Hell Is There an Email Trail page here?

It's pretty simple; the General Manager made some outrageous claims which prompted the changes and it hinges on not having people's emails.

I'm here watching Terminator in the background as I code this site and now have to sift through my emails. Why though?

Let's pierce every lie.

The main crux of the schedule change per the GM:

- The GM couldn't communicate; he didn't have everyone's email.

- A change is needed to increase revenue. 

- Staff departure caused the upheaval in programming.

- The adjustments were temporary.

Let's examine each thoroughly. 

The GM couldn't communicate; he didn't have everyone's email.

On a June 4th email and during KPFT's Monthly LSB Meeting on June 9th, 2021, the GM stated that

"...I sent several emails and conducted two Zoom conference calls to advise any and all effected programs. Given the constraints of time, I was unable to confer with every single programmer affected. Worse yet, the email distribution list I had was not all inclusive..."

I was one of the programmers he didn't communicate with due to "not having a complete distribution list."

But here are all the emails I have received from him since he was hired... lol, like, seriously, WTF? How can you boldface lie like that and think people won't have proof?

I mean, I even thanked him for one of his ideas in standardizing audio quality. I sent that in earnest.

I'm assuming he saw this complement but I have no idea since he never responded back to any email I sent him.

It's important to note he set the stage here; he already knew of the staff changes AND programming changes.

Clearly, he knew there would be the changes coming, Clearly the upcoming operational changes were not all of the sudden. Clearly, he knew of the staff changes.

So why act like there was an emergency? 

I love addressing what was being said but not actually addressing it.

The next 3 pictures show the email he sent. Note how he explains some crazy set of circumstances when in fact:

- He was given ample time re: the staff departure (beyond two weeks.

- The staff departure was IN PROTEST to the upcoming changes. It's crazy to see a protest towards the schedule change used as the BASIS for the schedule change and BIPOC Erasure. 

One of the tools of mediocrity is confusion and obfuscation. Check the quote below:

"Given the constraints of time, I was unable to confer with every single programmer affected. Worse yet, the email distribution list I had was not all inclusive. My best efforts were  focused on reconstructing the broadcast grid of the whole station. As a result, some programs were transferred to HD2. Some new programs, designed to serve and enlarge our audience, were added to the HD 1 schedule."

You do a whole bunch of things and make things so jumbled you don't know what's what.

No communication, no feedback, and no input. 

Remember, he claimed he didn't have everyone's email.

I already proved he had mine.

He just chose to lie.

Just so you know, this is the email that pissed me off, pushed me to do the study, and then create this website.

We spent 16 days trying to communicate with the General Manager re: what happened to Nuestra Palabra: Latino Writers Have Their Say, Latino Politics and News, and so many shows. When we finally,, got an answer, it was the most terse, disrespectful, and asshole response possible,

Narrator: It was at this point that the Chicano producer said he wasn't going to take it no more.

Nuestra Palabra: Latino Writers Have Their Say has been on air for over 22 years. We have consistently ranked among the most supported shows. NP's work has led to legislative changes in several states, our movements have inspired thousands, our host Tony Diaz has carried the Librotraficante banner alongside the KPFT banner, and 87% of our shows during COVID were new, unlike other programmers (like Wally & Roark). We have held it down for la communidad, for Houston, and for KPFT, always true to Pacifica's mission... and this is the respect this General Manager gave us. So yea, f*** that.